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Photo of Ron Newton

Ron is a driven entrepreneur who has demonstrated how a reliable work ethic, resilient determination and powerful drive can generate success. His start up companies have exceeded millions in annual revenues.

Ron is the President and CEO of the Newton Services since 2008, comprised of several different subsidiaries. He turned his start-up company into the Newton Services Foundation. Their clients trust them to identify individuals that desire to be a productive employee and/or professional in the workforce. Ron’s goal is to provide a seamless process from on-boarding, payroll, recruiting, and HR services.

His foundation helps people get on the right path and stay on the right path to make a life for themselves and their families. Ron does not believe in giving handouts, he believes in giving hand ups. From childhood and watching his mom work two jobs around the clock, instilled a stout desire to make it in life and to better himself in every possible way, including helping others achieve their goals. The Foundation will work with various government agencies including MRS, Veterans Administration, Juvenile rehab and individuals reentering from a correctional system.

The Foundation helps over 11,000 people a year find jobs, receive training or skills. Today, his company is in a position to give profits back to the community to take care of the less fortunate in Michigan. That translates to thousands of dollars annually to feed the hungry, provide food, clothing and meals at every holiday, while fulfilling a long-desired goal of giving something back. Or as they say today – paying it forward. Additionally, The Foundation writes scholarships, training, webinars for individuals desiring a job, career, and/or change of career. Ron is one of the original founding members of the Disability Works committee that is now part of the Genesee County Chamber, he was also awarded advocate of the year in 2013/2014. Ron also served one year on the board for the Genesee County Strategic Planning Committee. Ron is also a Certified Speaker for Winning Minds, which allows Ron to be effective when training individuals.