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Photo of Bill Rose
Director of Eastern District of Northern America

William (Bill) Rose leads a life dedicated to serving his community. As a graduate of University of Michigan-Flint with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, he earned a position as a patrol officer for the city of Flint. During his line of duty, he was involved with law enforcement for over ten years. Despite his successful career, he wasn’t satisfied. He knew there was a better way to support his community.

Bill realized his calling was in providing vocational rehabilitation services, assisting individuals with disabilities for the state of Michigan. He co-founded the Nonprofit ATWIL (Ability To Work In Life), operating the organization as Vice President. After a fulfilling nine years with ATWIL, Bill believed forming a new business, Core Network, would better rectify his vision of exceptional rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities. Core Network as well provided the same rehabilitation services as ATWIL from beginning to end. Recently merging his business Core Network with Newton Services Foundation, a non-profit, Bill now serves for the collaborative effort. Sharing the same goals of providing phenomenal rehabilitation services, to people with disabilities, which we commonly refer to as different abilities. Also, servicing juvenile youths, disabled veterans, felony reintegration programs, and Michigan Rehabilitation Services with beginning to end wrap around services available for all. Our mission is rehabilitation of all groups and reintegration into a competitive workforce.