10 Things You Need to Know about Forklift Safety


1.  Make certain that you have been thoroughly trained for the forklift to be operated.

2.  Visually inspect the forklift before operating it, checking for any unsafe conditions that would make it dangerous to operate.

3.  Always wear a seatbelt and operate at a safe speed.

4.  Keep hands, arms and legs inside the forklift.

5.  Use the Stop Look Listen Rule:

a.      Stop and sound the horn at doorways and intersections.  

b.     Look left and right when your view is obstructed and sound the horn before moving.  

c.      Listen for pedestrians, horns and sirens.

6.  Never travel with a load that is greater than the forklift’s lifting capacity.

7.  Do not allow riders on or in the forklift at any time.

8.  Do not raise or lower loads while traveling.

9.  Handle loads that are stable and safely organized.  Always tilt the load back before raising or driving.

10.Never allow pedestrians to walk under a raised load.

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